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Implementing the try/catch/finally pattern in C++ using lambdas, or why cant this be as easy as it is in C#?

My very first programming 'language' was Z-80 assembler, even before I had learned to program in interpretive BASIC. So you would think I would be used to doing things the hard way, used to pain... =P When I first saw the C language, I fell in love right away. I already had several CPU dialects under my belt, and the idea of pointers was already an easy notion to grasp -- I had already been using VARPTR in BASIC. The idea of a language that was graceful, provided native pointers, language constructs, NO LINE NUMBERS, who could ask for more? Then came C++. Well, not exactly. My first exposure to C++ was via the Glockenspiel "compiler", which was really a glorified C preprocessor. No matter, eventually Borland and Microsoft released C++ compilers, and I never looked back. Until around 2000, when Microsoft released .NET and C#. By this time, we had COM/DCOM, the STL, and boost. Writing custom allocators, IUnknown for custom COM objects, RAII patterns