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Is This The Best (Practices) We Can Do?

  I've seen a rather disturbing trend over the last 20 years, and no where is it more personified, symbolized and epitomized than in the plethora of developer Q&A and code sample websites that now dominate the software engineer landscape. They seem to fall into two camps if you will: A true to form reputation system commanded by experts utilizing a reputation system that rewards users for contributing high-quality content to the site such as Stack Overflow. A more "big tent" community-driven website that focuses on providing resources and tools for software developers, which includes a vast library of articles, tutorials, and code samples that cover a wide range of programming languages and platforms. The former tends to focus less on complete samples, but holds both the authors of the questions, and the answers feet to the fire as it were for quality and being on target. The downside of such a system is that you need both talent and a rather thick skin to play, thoug