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Debugging isn't magic! Patience and common sense goes a long way

When you work for as long as I have and on as many projects and software problems as I have encountered, it stands to reason that you will tend to end up working with other bright engineers. I have had the pleasure of working with developers on a great many applications that I have not only been proud to attach my name to, but that I am pleased to say are still out there in the wild working as expected, performing as designed, and making clients quite happy in the process. When it comes to troubleshooting systems... I am sometimes really surprised where things can take a turn. I have often heard this described as a special skill set, something that some are better adept at than others. The more cynical folks I have met will ascribe it to a darker missive, one where developers are either lazy, incompetent, or simply blame the first thing they don't understand. I don't believe its either some wizard's skill attained climbing the magic mountain, nor will I trash those w